Great pistol, I use the gun for plinking, as a home defense option as well as it is my carry pistol. Love the feel of the gun, the trigger is really great, over all good handgun!-I really like my Sig P365 XL (VERIFIED CUSTOMER)

It routinely shoots 1 inch groups at 100 yards that’s one inch or less using Hornady 30 grain VMAX 22 wmr. I have used it for two seasons now in Colorado shooting prairie dogs out to 200 yards the only issue I’ve had with it which is consistent the nine round rotary magazine does not drop freely when empty but that’s not a deal breaker for me I did add a threaded 2-in muzzle brake mostly for additional weight this rifle consistently shoots awesome awesome!!!

-Most accurate rimfire I have ever shot!! (VERIFIED CUSTOMER)

At these prices, it’s a no brainer to get such a quality 9mm from legendary Beretta. The ergonomics are perfect especially with small grip panel and the grip is pretty aggressive, which I love. Trigger is sweet too. Not PPQ quality but good enough. Looks awesome too. Again, a no brainer at such a great price.


Honestly my favorite pistol to shoot that I own. I’ve got 13 of them and it caught me off guard on how nice it shoots. Got it because it was on sale, pleasantly surprised!

-Great gun, goes bang! (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)

I have shot approximately 1000 rounds through my Kimber K6s DASA to date. This revolver (three inch barrel) is comfortable, accurate, and built to high quality standards. I use it for both plinking and as a field gun when hiking in the mountains. It is quickly replacing my S&W 686 (4 inch barrel) as my “go to” weapon of choice when outdoors. The smoothness of the trigger was a pleasant and most appreciated surprise. If you are in the market and your budget allows, do not overlook this one.

-Don’t Overlook This One (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)

I regularly conceal carry a revolver for personal protection. The Kimber is more like a J frame S&W but handles like a K and comfortable IWB. My 3″ K frame is now in the safe and the Kimber with me. Quality is as expected with Kimber and the adjustable sights let you customize to your preferred load.

-Recommend to any revolver carrier. (FFL)

I have Remington 1100 s and Browning A5 and a sweet 16 by far this 20ga with a 28″ barrel is the best bird gun I have ever owned it’s lighter and faster action than any semi have ever owned or shot you can have a 2 3/4 in it and a 3″ behind it shoots both shells with no problem I’m purchasing another one so when I pass away my 2 grandchildren can both have one

-I purchased one last fall best shotgun I’ve ever owned (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)

Beautiful gun , great fit and finish . Easy as 1 2 3 online purchase with Midway USA . Hope it shoots as good as it looks. Can’t wait to get to the trap field !!!


I am by far no expert, but I have handle my share of handguns in the past 50+ years. This is one sweet weapon. The fit and finish is spot on. It is very balanced with minimal recoil, has a butter smooth trigger and is quite easy to break down and clean. The only negative I can think of is reinstalling the very long recoil spring. -This handgun is a work of art (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)
I’m so glad I bought the 1911 Custom II. It is well made. Right off the bat the balance of holding this handgun is perfect. Not too forward-heavy, just right. The wooden grip is a perfect fit with great detail. Surprisingly the mag Adrien exit is very smooth. I thought it would take a bit of breaking in but perfect right off the bat. I also added the 20-round mag but have not used it yet. I don’t know it’s a sensitive trigger like other reviews. I think it’s just right. Only one session in the range but many more to come. Overall very pleased. -Great 1911 (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)
My very first 1911! Worth every penny!! Up to this point, best trigger I have ever pulled. I’m shocked at the lack of recoil for a .45 pistol. Many, many shooters can handle this pistol. -Heck of a pistol (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)
I acquired one of these shortly after Ruger made them available. It had a raceway problem and was sent back to Ruger who immediately replaced the rifle. I put a decent scope in aligned and lapped rings on top of the replacement, bore sighted it and took it to the range. I started at 25yds and got horizontal center and a bit over vertical center without shooting for a group. I moved to 50yds and fired for effect. 10 shots made one hole. My first thought was: a short barrel like this shouldn’t be able to do that, its a 22. I tried it a second time, the hole got slightly smaller. I changed ammo but the groups refused to widen. I moved to 100yards, changed to what I consider bottom end 22 ammo and fired another 40rds. I got one flier but the rest looked pretty good. Accuracy is not in question with this rifle. The adjustable trigger pull is a plus as is ,for some, the bolt stroke distance option. The barrel has a threaded end you can screw something onto. Perhaps you want to hide the muzzle flash from the nearest gopher, there ya go. -Far more than I expected. (CERTIFIED CUSTOMER)